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“Progress is not automatic; the world grows better because people take the right steps to make it better.”

-Jane Addams



We believe we aren’t just a member of the community – we’re a citizen. We draw inspiration from the legacy of Jane Addams to take action towards making a positive impact in the world. In that spirit, a percentage of all St. Jane revenue goes directly to the Jackson Chance Foundation.

The Jackson Chance Foundation supports families with children in the NICU by providing complimentary hospital parking, ensuring families can be together during challenging times and alleviating a source of financial stress. That’s why with every dollar spent at St. Jane, you give a NICU baby and their family more valuable time together.

Chicago Charity


Behold, a landmark.

The Carbide and Carbon Building was originally built as the regional headquarters and showcase for Union Carbide. It was completed in 1929 by the Burnham Brothers, sons of the influential Chicago architect Daniel Burnham.

But one glance toward our gold-leaf tower gives a sense that this is no ordinary building. The shape is that of a vintage green champagne bottle, as the Carbide and Carbon’s design was said to have been inspired as a response to Prohibition. That bold, playful spirit continues on in this Art Deco treasure, an official Chicago landmark, the home of St. Jane.



Where else can you experience the ambience of a contemporary brasserie, dig into the best jerk chicken in town, shop a local pop-up, then retreat to a Michigan Avenue café for coffee and croissants?

At St. Jane, we strive to be a stomping ground for all tastes. Our varied, multifunctional spaces each possess their own vibe and experience – yet together they have a unifying purpose. To bring together people and cultures to create common ground for the uncommon.

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